von Dassow Y, Sbrocco EJ, and McClain CR (in review) Life history variability in a large, cosmopolitan genus reflects energetic tradeoffs and niche specificity rather than phylogenetic conservatism.

Hanson A, Crandall E, Sbrocco EJ, Barber PH, Romena N, Mahardika N, Treml E, Carpenter K (in prep) Pleistocene basin isolation and contemporary larval dispersal influence complex spatial population structure of the black-and-gold damselfish (Neoglyphidodon nigroris) in the Coral Triangle.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Sbrocco EJ (2014) paleo-MARSPEC: Gridded ocean climate layers for the mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum. Ecology 95(6): 1710.
Abstract, Online Article, Data

Sbrocco EJ and Barber PH (2013) MARSPEC: Ocean climate layers for marine spatial ecology. Ecology 94: 979.
Abstract, Online Article, Data

Crandall ED, Sbrocco EJ, DeBoer TS, Barber PH, and Carpenter K (2012) Expansion dating: calibrating molecular clocks in marine species from expansions onto the Sunda Shelf following the Last Glacial Maximum. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29(2): 707-719.
Abstract, PDF, Supplementary Data

Sbrocco EJ and Barber PH (2011) Isolation, characterization, and multiplex PCR of ten polymorphic microsatellite loci for the Atlantic silverside (Menidia menidia). Conservation Genetics Resources 3(3): 585-587.
Abstract, PDF

Mach ME, Sbrocco EJ, Hice L, Duffy T, Conover DO, and Barber PH (2011) Regional differentiation and post-glacial expansion of the Atlantic Silverside, Menidia menidia, an annual fish with high dispersal potential. Marine Biology 158: 515 – 530.
Abstract, PDF

Crandall ED, Jones [Sbrocco] ME, Muñoz MM, Akinronbe B, Erdmann MV, and Barber PH (2008) Comparative phylogeography of two seastars and their ectosymbionts within the Coral Triangle. Molecular Ecology 17: 5276 – 5290.
Abstract, PDF, Supporting Information

Vigliola L, Doherty PJ, Meekan MG, Drown DM, Jones [Sbrocco] ME, and Barber PH (2007) Genetic identity determines risk of post-settlement mortality of a coral reef fish. Ecology 88(5): 1263 – 1277.
Abstract, PDF

Jones [Sbrocco] ME and Barber PH (2005) Characterization of microsatellite loci for the detection of temporal genetic shifts within a single cohort of the brown demoiselle, Neopomacentrus filamentosus. Molecular Ecology Notes 5: 834 – 836.
Abstract, PDF

Book Chapters

Allen GR, Erdmann MV, and Sbrocco EJ (2012). Description of Forcipiger wanai, new species (Pisces: Chaetodontidae). pp. 1122-1125. in: Allen GR & Erdmann MV Reef Fishes of the East Indies. Volume III. Tropical Reef Research, Perth, Australia.
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