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Global Climate Databases

  • Biogeoinformatics of Hexacorals – Kansas Geological Survey, Marine environmental data mashup, half degree spatial resolution
  • Bio-ORACLE – Ocean Rasters for Analysis of Climate and Environment, 5 arc-minute (~9 km) spatial resolution
  • Global Precipitation Climatologies – JISAO, University of Washington, 2.5 degree spatial resolution
  • MARSPEC – Ocean Climate Layers for Marine Spatial Ecology, 30 arc-second (~1 km) spatial resolution
  • paleo-MARSPEC – Gridded ocean climate layers for the Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum, 5 arc-minutes (~9 km) spatial resolution
  • WorldClim – Terrestrial Global Climate Layers, 30 arc-second (~1 km) spatial resolution

Biodiversity Databases


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